...in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea
...in beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea
'Andrea Leo Hall' left building on photo

Europa Inn looks back on a long tradition. Erected in 1903 as an opera and ball hall, it served as a recreational gym and for performances of all kind, before Anita and Alex Ludwig converted it in 1983 into 'L'Europe Restaurant'- which was renown for its well prepared, fine dining meals.

In 2000 Markus Ritter purchased the building and lead the 'AndraeLeo Hall' as it was initially called into the new century.

please see a shortened listing of the building's history gathered from the St. Andrews archives by David Sullivan:


Excerpt from the Beacon:


January 8, 1903

'the Andraeleo Club propose solving the question of a public amusement hall or opera house for St. Andrews. They have purchased property on the corner of King Street and Church Lane and have had plans prepared for a hall that will seat 500 people....it is estimated that the new amusement hall will cost in the neighbourhood of $3000.... no doubt of its ultimate success need be entertained.'


April 2nd, 1903

Ground has been broken for new Andraeleo Hall.


September 10, 1903

Mr. Angus Rigby and a crew of carpenters are rushing the erection of the Andraeleo Opera House... The building will have a frontage on king street of 45 feet and will run back 89 feet until it connects with the old hall which has been erected across the rear of the lot.


Januray 21st, 1904

Brilliant Ball- the new Andraeleo Hall has a Gay Opening...


July 27th, 1905

Holmes Moving Picture Company gave two performances in Andraeleo Hall last week...


St. Croix Courier:


August 19th, 1915

The entertainment in Andraeleo hall on Wednesday evening last, under the patronage of Lady Shaughnessy, Mrs. Arthurs and Lady Tait, was a great success, the proceeds amounting to $600, which is to be used for Red Cross purposes....


February 10th, 1944

... the 'Andraeleo Club' was organized for th eRoman Catholic boys under the directon of the much beloved Father O'Flaherty. Strangers to SA frequently ask and origin of the name. I have it from one of the charter members that it was a coined word taken from the greek andrae, meaning man, and dth elatin leo, meaning lion. The implied object of the Andraeleo Club was to develop supermen, those having all the best attributes of both men and lions....


July 28th, 1949

...owner Paul Roy.


March 19th, 1953

News Notes: 50 years ago (1903) old Catholic Church moved to present location at Andraeleo Hall 'where it now stands as the stage part of that building'.


November 4th, 1954

...Hall purchased by Legion this year from Paul Roy. New name Legion Memorial Hall...



Legion Hall sold to Anita and Alex Ludwig who opened a fine dining restaurant 

in the front part of the building in 1984 and made the upstairs 'balcony' area into an owners appartement. 

in later years student rentals were built on the first floor.


Janurary 25, 2000

Markus Ritter purchased 'L'Europe' Restaurant from Anita and Alex Ludwig.

'L'Europe Restaurant' 2005 approx.

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